We request our clients to pay attention to the following:


  1. You must be 18 years or older to make a booking with us.
  2. At the time of booking, you must provide us with your contact details. These details must include a mobile number and your email so that we can contact you at any time if needed. If you fail to meet this obligation and we cannot reach you, we will not be liable to you because of lack of information from us about any change, amendment, delay or cancellation.
  3. In order to proceed with your reservation, we will require credit card details. Credit card is important to secure your reservation. Our company will not charge your credit card unless agreed otherwise. Full payment and security deposit are charged on the day of rental.
  4. After you have made your booking we will send you an e-mail confirming acceptance. Please check your confirmation e-mail very carefully. If there are any discrepancies or it is not what you think you booked, please contact us immediately and no later within 24 hours of booking for clarifications.


When visiting our base to sign a rental contract, you are responsible to carry with you all relevant documents as below:

  • valid passport or ID
  • valid credit card (we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, AMERICAN EXPRESS) in order to pay rental amount and the 150 euro security deposit. For your convenience please be aware that debit cards are welcome, but usually there is a daily limitation on money withdrawal
  • mobile phone fully charged is essential onboard. It must always be switched on in order to communicate at any case (any emergency)


  1. You have to arrive at our starting point in Anavyssos at least 30 min earlier from your rental.
  2. Non-arrival at our starting point by the agreed time of rental without prior notification shall entitle “Saronic” to treat the booking as cancelled. Every boat is checked before the commencement of hire. “Saronic” will demonstrate and explain the controls of the boat and its equipment. A boat check will be done at your presence and a check list will be signed by you after check, prior to departure. Unless otherwise stated you must return the boat with all its equipment to “Saronic” in the same condition as given (clean and tidy) by the established return time. The boat will be inspected again and in case of damage or loss, a charge will be made. The return of boat later than the estimated arrival time without any notification or in an unclean condition will incur an extra payment.


  1. The level of cover is third party only. It covers injuries to other people or damage of other property.
  2. Although boats are insured, you (The Driver) are primarily responsible for any damage or loss to the boat and its equipment. In case of any damage or loss you have to pay the amount of excess in full or part of. This amount will vary depending on the type of damage/loss. You (The Driver) will be held responsible for the actions of the other members of your party as well.

N.B. We also recommend that you have adequate personal insurance cover for your holiday needs in case of injury.


  1. When signing the contract with us on boat pick-up day, we ask you to pay by credit card a mandatory security deposit of 150 euro that will be held by “Saronic” for the entire duration of your rental period.
  2. If the boat is returned on time, in the same condition as given and without damage, loss of equipment or third party claim against you, the deposit will be given back to you. Where loss or damage has occurred, all or part of your security deposit may be withheld by us to cover the cost of damage or loss.


  1. Fuel is included in boat rental rates.
  2. The boat is given to you with a full main tank and a secondary emergency 5lt tank.
  3. Extra fuel is possible with charge.


  1. You (The Driver) are responsible for the boat’s safe navigation and for the actions of each member of your party and you must take all reasonable care. No minor aged under 18 years old may steer the boat.
  2. In the event of damage to or breakdown of the boat rendering it inoperable, however caused, no responsibility can be accepted by “Saronic” for loss of time and any other damages or expenses incurred as a result. ”Saronic” shall not be responsible for the consequence of any delay, restriction or cancellation of boat rentals arising from repairs or damage or other circumstances beyond its controls.
  3. In the case of any accident or damage to the boat: you must notify us immediately reporting full details and you should wait for our instructions. No action should be taken by your own initiative. We will take steps to repair the boat as quickly as practicable in the circumstances.
  4. In the case of any accident or damage to any other craft or waterway property you must: record the details (name, model and registration number) of any other boat involved with names, addresses of its owner and witnesses (where applicable). Immediately report the fact to “Saronic” with full details.
  5. No repairs may be put in hand without “Sarinic’s” consent. You must inform us and wait our instructions.


  1. Children are counted as adults on board.
  2. The minimum age of an infant (0-3 years old) we recommend to be carried on board is 2 years old, but this is subject to parent discretion. Infants aged 3 years old or under on board are requested to travel seated on the lap of an adult responsible for that infant with lifejackets on at all times.
  3. At the moment of booking we must be informed when children are going to be aboard. We require their age and weight in kilos in order to provide you the right size of lifejacket.
  4. We recommend that children (3-14 years old) should wear lifejackets when boat is moving.


  1. It is mandatory to respect maximum number of passengers
  2. Before getting on board it is a good idea to take off your shoes. We request that you use the boat with the utmost care and return it in the same condition in which it has been given to you. If you bring food or drinks on board you are strongly requested not to leave any rubbish on it.
  3. The use of alcohol is strictly forbidden for the driver.
  4. You can not take and use on board any gas appliances heaters of any type.
  5. Customers have to deliver the boat at our base in the state that was received. The customer will be liable for any damage caused to the boat by misuse or neglect.
  6. You must navigate in accordance with current byelaws and observe the speed limits and safety distance limits as explained.
  7. The maximum distance of boat from the coast should not exceed 2NM.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to approach the buoys more than 100 meters, if there are not buoys then you have to keep a distance of 300 meters from the shore.
  9. Early return of the boat does not entitle the customer a refund claim.
  10. At the end of rental period it is your own responsibility to ensure that you collect all your items of personable belongings from the boat. We accept no responsibility for any items left aboard.
  11. “Saronic” is not responsible for sudden adverse weather condition. In case of bad weather or wind, depending on severity, planned hires may be delayed or cancelled (in such case they will be postponed to the first available date).
  12. The right is reserved to restrict cruising of unusual or hazardous conditions prevail.
  13. “Saronic” may at its absolute discretion refuse to hand over a boat or terminate the boat rental period where, in the opinion of “Saronic” the driver is likely to cause damage, distress or fails to comply with company rules. In such event “Saronic” will be under no obligation to refund any money.


  1. Cancellation is required at least 48 hours prior to time of departure to avoid being charged rental fee in full.
  2. Cancellation or no-show on the date and agreed time of departure will result in the customer being charged in full the rental fee.

In case of bad weather or wind, planned hires may be delayed or cancelled; in this case they will be postponed to the first available date, if there is not available date the reservation will be cancelled without Cancellation fee.